Anything but united

Thomas A. Klug, associate professor and director of the Institute of Detroit Studies, presents "Anything but united : Detroit employers, workers, and the open shop, 1904-1907." Klug discusses the alleged battle which employers waged in Detroit to keep unions out of the city's factories, and examines the truth of this assertion in light of documents he discovered at the Employer's Association of Detroit. Klug finds that the story of a highly united group of employers fighting to keep unions out of Detroit is an inaccurate depiction of events, and gives a more nuanced and detailed description of the open shop era in Detroit through the accounts found in the documents he discovered. Part of the "Our Daily Work/Our Daily Lives" Brown Bag series sponsored by the Michigan State University School of Human Resources and Labor Relations, and the MSU Museum. Held at the MSU Museum Auditorium.
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