Interview of waiter and strike organizer Floyd Loew

Floyd Loew, waiter and strike organizer, describes an altercation between the Waiters and Waitresses Union and members of the German American Bund when they tried to hire waitresses without going through the union. Loew also talks about how the union organized the hotels and convention halls in Detroit, strikes, sit-downs, and other labor actions, and integrating the union and organizing Black waiters and cooks as a way to prevent them from being used as scabs.
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Labor leaders, Waiters, Selection and appointment, Waitresses, Selection and appointment, Hotels, Employees, Labor unions, Organizing, Convention facilities, Labor unions, Organizing, Strikes and lockouts, African American cooks, Labor unions, Organizing, and Minority labor union members
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Loew, Floyd and German American Bund
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Interviews and Interviews
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