1893 Seed Annual

1893 D. M. Ferry and Company catalog printed by John Bornman and Sons, with illustrations from the Calvert Lithograph Company; front cover has a picture of small pink flowers along left and top side from a vase at the bottom left, with a second smaller, round vase next to it; background is blue at the tope and bottom, with tan bordered by yellow in the middle; "Seed Annual 1893" in middle, with D. M. Ferry & Co. Detroit, Mich. along bottom; back cover has same background, with green lima beans hanging from vines and the caption "Horticulutral Lima Bean, Actual Size"; D. M. Ferry & Co. Seed Merchants, Detroit, Mich. at bottom; descriptions and prices of seeds and farming tools inside with black and white pictures and drawings throughout and two color pages near beginning; order form attached with envelope
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Detroit Historical Society
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D.M. Ferry and Company, Calvert Lithographing Company, and Agriculture
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