Mar Gabriel, a Nestorian Bishop

P. 272 "Mar Gabriel is a generous and noble, but still wild young man. His confinement, when he commenced learning English with us, soon proved intolerable to his restless spirit." For this portrait, Mar Gabrial wears a dark aba (Vogelsang-Eastwood, p. 11) over a bright blue caba (Shoberl 1845, p. 45) or qaba (Vogelsang-Eastwood, p. 10) trimmed in red and tied with a patterned girdle. His two toned blue and red headgear is loose, hanging slightly to one side of his head and has a tassel at the tip of the crown.
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Qajar, hairstyles, robes (main garments), tunics, headgear, shoes, walking sticks, clergy, Bishops, turbans, Perkins, Justin 1805-1869, Clothing and dress--Iran, Religious leaders, Bishops--Iran, Bishops, and Iran (nation)
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