Interview of Anna Lisa Moline on her service in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps during WWII

Anna Lisa Moline talks about her service in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps during World War Two. Moline talks about her pre-war education and employment and says that she joined the Army in April 1941 after a good friend enlisted. She discusses her first state-side assignments, leaving New York for Scotland on December 7, 1942 and joining the 30th General Hospital to help set up a hospital in a bombed out Catholic school. Moline says she and a friend were recruited for a secret mission and were sent to Russia to treat causalities from Allied bombing missions who landed in Soviet controlled territory. Moline remembers being bombed by the Germans in Russia, taking patients into the trenches for safety, living in a barracks with an earth floor, ant infestations, and terrible latrines. Moline says that after the war she worked at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing as an assistant superintendent, but left because of stress related health issues caused by her time in the Army. Moline is interviewed by Marjorie Brown.
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