Associate Professor Dr. John Waller describes his research on medieval medicine and disease and reads from his book at the Michigan Writers Series

Dr. John Waller, Associate Professor of the History of Medicine in Lyman Briggs College and the Department of History at Michigan State University, describes his research on medieval medicine and disease and his efforts to write in a manner that will make his books accessible. Waller calls the culture of science one of competition and disagreement based upon constructive criticism and describes his attempts to illuminate how science operates to reach truth. He reads passages from his books and talks extensively about his history of workhouse boy turned mill worker, Robert Blincoe. A question and answer concludes the session. Waller is introduced by MSU Librarian Agnes Haigh Widder. Part of the MSU Libraries Michigan Writers Series.
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Michigan State University. Libraries
G. Robert Vincent Voice Library Collection
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Medicine, Medieval, Research, and Medical writing
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Blincoe, Robert and approximately 1792-
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