Seed Annual, 1914

D. M. Ferry and Company catalog, printed by John Bornman and Son, with illustrations by the Calvert Lithograph Company; front cover has an illustration of white, red, and pink flowers, with "Seed Annual, 1914"" printed at the top and "D. M. Ferry & Co. Seedsmen - Detroit, Mich." at bottom; back cover has red, purple, pink, white, and yellow flowers with "D. M. Ferry & Co. Seedsmen, Detroit - Mich." at top and "Seed Annual - 1914" at bottom; inside are lists of seeds and prices with black and white illustrations and photographs, with two full page color illustrations near the front, one color page near the middle and one color page near the back; order form missing
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Detroit Historical Society
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D.M. Ferry & Co., Calvert Lithographing Company, and Agriculture
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