All Roads Will Lead to Detroit in September. Why? / Detroit's Great Fair and Exposition

Four panel brochure promoting the Detroit International Exposition and Fair held from September 17th to the 27th of 1889, mounted on red matting. The exposed face bears a color Calvert Lithograph Company illustration of Detroit, as viewed from the air above Delray, facing northeast, captioned "All Roads Will Lead to Detroit in September. Why? (see over)." The exposition site, containing the large Main Building, several smaller structures, and two ponds, is at the lower right corner of the image, to the west of Fort Wayne. The Detroit, Lansing and Northern Railroad; Detroit and Bay City Railroad; Michigan Central Railroad; Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway; Wabash Railroad; Detroit Grand Haven and Milwaukee Railway; Belt Line; and Lake Erie, Essex and Detroit River Railway lines are all labeled, as are the communities along the Canadian side of the Detroit River--Walkerville, Windsor, Sandwich, and Mineral Spring. "The Michigan Farmer, Published by Gibbons Bros., Detroit, Mich." is stamped in the upper left corner of the print.
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Detroit Historical Society
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Calvert Lithographing Company, Aerial Views, Delray, Detroit International Exposition and Fair, Fairs, Expositions, Railroads, Maps, and Michigan Farmer
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